The main strategy of Metal Yapı is to maximize the workmanship in the factory and to minimize the workmanship on the site. It is evident that the quality management in a controlled and comfortable area would be much easier than in our sites ranging from - 40°C (i.e.Kazakhistan) to + 40°C (i.e.Saudi Arabia). So all effort is made to maximize the off site production.

Method statement and site planning as well as shipment schedule is the key success factor of a good installation. Due to our machine producing abilities we can design and make in house mechanization and mobilization equipment for special tasks where it is impossible to find in the market.

The installation teams in various geographies are mainly local manpower trained by supervisors sent from İstanbul and loyal to the company. In case of emergency there is always the opportunity to send installers from Istanbul.

Before starting a project we prepare a specific quality plan based on analysis that identifies and accounts for any unique aspect of the project whether it be the panel size and types, site condition, performance requirement or design detail.

Alike a specific safety plan is made analyzing all the risks incorporated due to the specific conditions of the site.