We provide cutting edge System Design, Detailed Design, Engineering Verifications and Test solutions for construction industry. Manufacturing, Installation and R&D services are at our core.

As an international industry leader with a capacity of 300,000 m2/year of facade and 20,000 tons of steel and more than 1000 projects deployed successfully in 4 continents, we are commited to reach our goal to be the best facade company of the world by the year 2023.


System Design

The façade of a building is the first and most of the time the only liaison between the observer and the architect. It’s the architect who defines the geometry of the envelope of the building, conceptualizes the façade and specifies the technical performance criteria...

Detailed Design

Detailed design is applying the system developed to all sections of the façade and all intersections and connections of the façade with the building and the materials of other trades...

Engineering Verifications

The developments in the Computer Aided Design programs leading to more complex envelopes and continuous improvement architectural cladding materials, combined with increased tendency towards hightech façades made façade engineering an important discipline in the construction industry...


For Metal Yapı, R&D has a wider meaning than creating innovative façade systems, product development or making a custom design for each particular project. Of course this is done on a regular every day operation, but our 2023 vision “ being the best façade company in the world ” necessitates Excellency in all processes defined in the previous pages...



Façade fabrication and assembly is a critically important part of the whole life cycle of the project. Operating under ISO 9000 Quality System, ISO 14000 Environmental System and ISO 18000 Health and Safety System since 2002 Metal Yapı has internalized TQM systems. We have developed and refined our quality management systems over the span of many years and hundreds of diverse project experiences. Metal Yapı has 2 plants in 2 different geographies;


The main strategy of Metal Yapı is to maximize the workmanship in the factory and to minimize the workmanship on the site. It is evident that the quality management in a controlled and comfortable area would be much easier than in our sites ranging from - 40°C (i.e.Kazakhistan) to + 40°C (i.e.Saudi Arabia). So all effort is made to maximize the off site production...