R&D Research and Development
R&D Research and Development

For Metal Yapı, R&D has a wider meaning than creating innovative façade systems, product development or making a custom design for each particular project. Of course this is done on a regular every day operation, but our 2023 vision “ being the best façade company in the world ” necessitates Excellency in all processes defined in the previous pages.

The main theme of our R&D activities is ongoing and consistent development of new façade systems and continuous improvement / innovation in our all systems, processes and activities. The aim is to create systems that will enhance the productivity, speed and quality of all our activities, procedures, and processes with the help of our integrated knowledge in mechanical, electronic and software engineering.

Our research program is mainly in the following main domains;

Innovative Façade Systems

Our integrated knowledge in structural engineering, building physics, and advanced computer modeling techniques, equipped with full laboratory testing facilities, leads to innovative creation of more energy efficient, comfortable, and economical façade solutions. Our recent research is focused on different forms of multiple skin façades with alternative ways of ventilations. With our talent in electronic engineering and software engineering which is one of our unique competitive advantage among the façade companies we develop innovative solutions in Intelligent Façades.


Another unique ability of Metal Yapı is to design and make CNC machines needed in the fabrication, and to automate any manufacturing process including all mechanics, electronics and software systems in house. This gives unlimited flexibility to us to produce any façade detail that the architects imagine, without any outsource dependability. Any machine which breakdowns is repaired in-house in just a few hours since it is designed and made by us.

Design and Building Test Laboratories.

This ability which is unique among all the façade companies in the world is the cutting edge of the façade engineering. For most façade companies the main concern is to understand the test norms and test sequences, whereas for us the main concern is how to get the test laboratory to carry out that test. Our knowhow in mecatronics and software systems permits us to be able to design and build any test facility needed to make any test in the façade domain.

CNC Machines

One of the most distinguishing features of Metal Yapı among its worldwide competitors is that Metal Yapı has the ability to make his own machines himself, including CNC machines in house with Mechanics, Electronics and software. Thus when experts say it is impossible to produce an unprecedented detail, Metal Yapı says “let’s study”. More information is given about this issue in the R&D section of this book.

DNS Digital Nervous System

If you do not define you cannot measure, if you cannot measure you cannot manage”. This saying hasbeen our main concern since the foundation of Metal Yapı. In today’s world, quality, time schedule andcost control are the key points for sustainable growth of a company. The management of information systems has been taken as a research and development subject in an ongoing and never lasting development strategy of Metal Yapı. All activities and processes starting from signing a contract till the delivery of the project are tracked and traced automatically in an online database, giving feedback reports automatically if there is a divergence from the planning. The material database is generated, manufacturing drawing files information are gathered directly from the designer’s computers and all production data is collected directly from the CNC machines automatically from, and where the operation is manual, barcodes are used. The enormous flow of raw data is automatically converted into meaningful information by artificial logic programs and when necessary feedback reports or warnings are sent automatically to related and defined points. The name DNS “Digital Nervous System” used as a metaphor reflects the concept that any unusual activity is reported as a notice in defined format of a report to the defined personnel or manager of any department of the company. All this system which is far beyond than the vision of ERP systems is conceptualized, designed, programmed and implemented in house by us. The result is a custom fit automatized artificial intelligence driven management information system, which is developed and improved continuously as the company grows up.